Why workplace laughter makes business sense?


Stress has been dubbed as the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century” by World Health Organization. With the advancement in technology, employees today are working harder and putting in longer hours, where they stay connected to work 24/7. Additionally, they battle many pressures involving deadlines, responsibilities, task complexity, challenge, relationships, supervision, etc., all of which can take a serious toll on their work life balance, emotional wellbeing and health.

Employers are increasingly becoming aware of these problems and are constantly searching for new avenues to keep their staff motivated, healthy and focused, all because of the simple fact that organizations perform better when there is a positive work environment. Mental wellness of employees is an important health determinant, it is a driving factor in quality, performance, productivity and therefore business effectiveness and profit. It makes good business sense.

Contrary to the popular notion, serious employees are not always most productive. Productive employees take work seriously and themselves lightly. And great employers go way beyond insisting on a safe work environment. They work to create a positive, team-like and productive atmosphere.

A recent BBC program “The Young Ones” proved scientifically that a good belly laugh substantially lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol and releases energising endorphins, a hormone which relaxes and invigorates.

The role of laughter in business settings does more than just providing comic relief, it is therapeutic. A good hearty laugh lifts team spirits, diffuses tension, motivates employees and builds loyalty.

Laughter also brings people closer. It creates bonds stronger than many other team-building exercises. A team that laughs together grafts together. Besides, it’s widely known that people tend to bond more effectively in a positive environment where interpersonal relationships are fun and appropriate.

Keep reading our blogs to know how laughter can help you create a positive work environment and boost profits.

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