This program is co-created after analyzing the organizational or team’s goals so that there is alignment of team to attain the key result areas.

The seed of awareness called Turning Point is the small change which when incorporated will bring totality not only in work output but in every area of life.

These value-based solutions will aid in challenging the workforce to become self-directive and take ownership of their responsibilities and go the extra mile to reach the goal/target.

The techniques shared will seed the transformation from within to accelerate and maximize the collective performance mindfully and also to go deeper from within to exude exuberance.


  • Achieve maximum results in minimum working hours time
  • Reach the target objective at work playfully without getting stressed or anxious
  • Come back to work enthusiastically everyday and carry the same attitude back to home
  • Gain clarity about priorities in professional and personal front
  • Make laughter and celebration as part of work-life culture
  • Art of relating relationships with the self, colleagues and family members


It is highly recommended to undergo the entire 2 days CAMP (Cultural Alignment of Maximizing Potential) of Turning Point session to evoke a transforming session. This experiential, self-exploring session will be interlaced playfully to connect and communicate compassionately with alignment to sensitivity, sincerity and light-heartedness.

Nevertheless, we would be flexible in doing a half day or a full day’s session subject to mutual agreement. Write to to know more details.

Our Flagship workshop – Turning Point

The solutions provide address stress and sedentary lifestyle, anxieties, building relationships, cultivate emotional maturity and thereby building a healthy mindset.


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