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Thick Skinned……Really?

Thick skinned blog

Thick skinned blog

Thick-skinned …. Really?


I choose my choices in life. I choose “my attitude”, “my voice of my heart”, “my inner calling”, “my way of living”. From where I stand and look, I take care in my own sense not to hurt or disturb others.  When I drive, it is my utter responsibility not to hurt myself, my vehicle and also other vehicles or persons on the road. When it comes to traffic chaos when no policemen are present, vehicles behind are so impatient they keep honking continuously. Over the years, I have learnt not to react to their honking and drive. Maybe, I drive a bit slowly at times to ensure no damage to anyone and avoid rushing. My entire focus being on moving forward and not giving attention to the honking behind. Though, it is irritating to hear the continuous honking and once I have surged ahead without reacting, I compliment myself saying that “I didn’t react to the honking”. Recently one of my friend, who was with me in such a typical situation called me “thick-skinned”.  It set me thinking. Am I being less sensitive in not reacting to the honking? Then came a cart-load of thoughts all along? When I listen to my heart and do my own things (say in terms of quitting a job, starting a start-up, pursuing it in spite of challenges)…Am I being thick-skinned to what my friends and family around me(my loved ones)  insisted upon as most of them did not like what I was doing? Whenever I face challenges, I smile and move on….Am I thick-skinned because I moved on?  Can all situations in life become win-win for both parties?

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