Annie Anubodhi – Artist

I have known savitha for 09 years and 04 months. She spread joyful laughter, wherever she goes.. She is a beautiful, bubbly, joyfull soul..Feeling blessed to be her friend.. I have gained so much from her… Gratitude for her…

Gundu Rao – Numerologist

I have known savitha for 5 years. Fun Loving- Fun Giving – Making The World Smile And If Possible Laugh She Is Simple – Unorthodox – Intelligent -Good Planner -Brave – Lovely – Nice Language And Approach – Does Not Hurt Others – Believes In Future – Smart – Hard Working – Innovative – Able………..

Dr. Maruthy

I have known savitha for 6 years. Innovative ideas professional approach, positive attitude, likes to work with teams

Steve Wilson – M.A., C.S.P. — Psychologist, Joyologist

World Laughter Tour, Inc. – Founder Steve 

I have known savitha for 2 years. Organization development. Two years ago, Savitha was a student in a specialized 2-day training program that I taught. Since then she opted to be a member of an ongoing communications community with several hundred other who also completed the training. She contributes ideas, encouragement, and inspiration to the community.

Naveen Hebbar – Artist

I have known savitha for 1 year, making people smile, excellent.

Harish – Entrepreneur

I have known savitha for 3 years and 4 months. Savitha is good in Laughing.
She is a good meditation leader. And a very good human being who relate every life aspect with laughter and meditation. She has courage to experience new and adventures things in life.

Shiva Kumar – Entrepreneur

I have known savitha for 3 years. Good at facilitating and organizing

Meghala Devi – President. Dhwani Toastmaster, Works in Oracle

Love the way you speak with so much of energy, smile conviction and warmth.

Madhu Veena – Senior Software Engineer

Savitha is a rare woman with strength, integrity and rarest quality ‘sense of humour’. Her laughter has power to uplift dark clouds of sadness and misery.

The first time, I met her was when I attended ‘Reclaiming Inner Child – Born Again Therapy’ facilitated by her with another friend Vee in October 2015, Bangalore. She took care of all the arrangement sincerely and was an excellent facilitator. She moved from one role to another smoothly-i.e., organizer to facilitator and then to participant. She made sure every participant feels comfortable. At the end of the workshop, we came to know that her mother was in hospital and still she managed to facilitate the program which included laughter, dance and play. Without even interacting with her on a personal level, I got an impression that she is quite a committed woman regarding her work. She does freak out and dance madly with participants once her work is over but when she is at work, she is totally into her work.

I met her again during the practice of the ‘Play – a man who wanted to fly’ in December 2015. I vividly remember one morning, we both chatted for almost 2 hours and this was the time, I came to know about her individuality, her vision towards life and her passion for ‘Hasovan’. That was the time where we found commonality of our thoughts, how we see meditation in daily life and how we want to share it with rest of the world. For both of us, meditation is something which brings changes in daily life and attitude towards life not about collecting concepts of spirituality.

In January 2016, she facilitated three days dance program ‘Invoke Power Within’ with me in Kochi. During this journey from Bangalore to Kochi, we were not only doing the 

program together we were also sharing our life journey. This program created a beautiful friendship and loving space for both of us. I appreciated her openness, her readiness to see her faults and above all, being positive in every situation. She doesn’t get disappointed whenever the situation is not in favour instead she looks for the solution. In the group, she brings aliveness and lightness. She led many activities during the program and participants loved all of them. I can’t imagine doing dance workshop without her being by my side.

Whenever I think of laughter, I think of ‘Savitha’. I have realized real meaning and importance of ‘sense of humour’ being with her. It’s not like that I was not used to laughing or enjoying before I met Savitha. However, laughing is different and having laughing attitude towards life comes from different space. She does have ‘laughing attitude’ which has fuelled her long journey with so many ups and downs and she stood tall in spite of not much support from outside.

She has confidence to be her on her own with her vision of Hasovan. She doesn’t preach people something which she hasn’t experienced herself; she shares whatever she has experienced herself in life – Power of self-love and Laughter. She believes working with same mind set people and bring more love and laughter in everyone’s life. She doesn’t belong to any particular spiritual group and does not try to bring people under the umbrella of some Guru. She respects every individual for their practices and tries to add fragrance of ‘Laughter and love’ in everyone’s life. She is not confined with any pre-spirituality concepts. She welcomes new ideas with enthusiasm and if it interests her, she pours herself totally into that aspect. I wish her vision of love and laughter reaches to millions of people and people learn the value of sense of humour and play in their life.

Seema, Freelancer

Recently I was upset and in tears and was feeling low. I then remembered about the dancing with closed eyes in the workshop. I went into my room and started dancing. It made me feel happier from within.  

Sunithaa, Parental Ccoach and Educator

One takeaway from the workshop which worked for me is the “smile from heart” exercise. It makes me feel so peaceful. Request you to give handouts which we can use as reminders after the workshop.

I had a fantastic experience in Savitha’s Explore Joy within workshop. After her workshop the way I started smiling changed from mere smile to accessing the smile from heart to the lips it is such a fantastic experience my smile became more true for myself and I started appreciating the power of joyful smile

Her passion comes across and her innocence and authenticity is felt through her work . Wishing Savitha’s vision of helping many people “Create Joy for themselves”- great success.

Manoj, Businessman

I had a very tough day at office and was highly stressed. I just walked out with my cousin and went for a ride in the bike. Suddenly I remembered about the “lollipop effect” of reclaiming inner child workshop. I stopped the bike and bought 2 lollipops and handed one to my cousin. He thought I have gone completely crazy. I then explained what we did in the workshop and enjoyed licking the lollipop standing in the middle of the road. I handled the situation with a playful spirit and I could feel my stress going away. I do the same with my kids also whenever there is a stressful situation at home. That was a very good way of reviving my childhood and helping me to connect with my children as I can understand them better. It sure brings back a few laughs.

Arun Raj

Your session at the Green Path was par excellence. Thought provoking yet presented in simple terms and well laid out through the interactive sessions, easy for anyone to get the impression you intended to make.
I had a mind altering experience today morning that might have changed me substantially, which I believe is a direct impact of your session. It’s not easy to type in words.
I would like to know more about other workshops to do. I will leave Bangalore tomorrow. Could you please forward me your number to discuss.


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