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We are building innovative bio-medical relaxation inducing devices to support our activities. The first phase of products which we rolled out is the Laughing Chair and the Laughter Quotient app.

Though the products were developed as functional prototypes with a lot of passion and dedication, we were not able to package it as a ready product for the market. Nevertheless, the concept attracted a lot of interest and curiosity and was even chosen for the creative expression for a short movie.

Laughter Quotient

An Android based application that helps determine the Laughter Quotient of a person.

Laughing Chair

An intelligent seating arrangement scientifically designed for relieving stress and to improve health and holistic well-being of a person through laughter. This adjustable chair stimulates the various laugh points in our body at regular intervals. The chair in the final form plans to work with the three major senses – touch, hearing and sight – to simulate laughter and relieve stress. The functional prototype of the laughing chair is ready and patent pending.

Joy Genie

This is in stealth mode!

The market survey, customer need and acceptance had been carefully researched upon unlike the earlier product and the team is set to work upon the forthcoming ones.

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