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Mindful Lessons from Sky-diving

Sky diving is an awesome way of knowing how strong you are from within. I wanted to know what would push me to go ahead and jump from a moving plane. When I signed the consent form to skydive, I had signed up for more than what I had thought it will be. It was experiencing thrill, fear, excitement, adventure all at once.

  • Jump into the unknown sphere
  • Enjoy what you are doing
  • Listen carefully
  • Keep moving in spite of fear

Jump into the unknown sphere

The jump is actually done for the first time when the decision is made in the mind. That is the first jump according to me. Then the actual jump happens after boarding the plane. Real jump is when I stood at the door and looked. The heart does not even skip a beat. At that moment, I actually jumped into the unknown. When I jumped from the comfort zone of a job to a totally new venture without even knowing where I was heading to, that is what all entrepreneurs do…Jump to the unknown.

Enjoy what you are doing

This is the first instruction given after paying up the fees. The instructor insists that we have fun. Most of them kept saying to the instructor “this is my first time”. He would answer with a smile saying “This is my first time too with you”. Knowing your “WHY” is very important. Only then one can have fun. Only when a customer starts enjoying the product / service, he sees value in the price and does not mind paying.

Listen carefully

As I waiting for my turn to board the plane with the harness, I kept listening to the experiences of people who had sky-dived for the first time and were coming back. One lady told me “Just follow the instructions carefully, you will be fine”. An old man of 65 years age (Yes! He was doing it for first time) told me to stuff my ears with cotton as the wind was too cold up there. The instructor gave only 3 instructions a) have fun b) change to banana position when I tap your shoulder c) lift your feet up while landing. He then told me that do not touch me even by mistake also as the harness will unhook and you will fall without a parachute and will die. Listen to your customer’s feedback about the product/service and keep reinventing the same. If valuable feedback is missed, chances are your business might collapse.

Keep moving in spite of fear

When the height of 10,000 feet is reached and the doors are swung open that is when an unknown fear is felt. The instructor kept on saying “keep moving with hands crossed”. Without even realizing I jumped and when I felt I am just falling, I screamed my heart out and the fear was totally pushed out. I then started enjoying the sights as I felt the cool breeze and floated like a bird with wings open. I saw one of the most beautiful sights on earth. Time stood still for a moment and then I was told to lift my knees up as we would be landing soon. The challenges are many for entrepreneurs and if they keep moving towards the goal, the destination will be beautiful and can be reached sooner or later.

I felt that every nerve and fiber in my being came alive with this adventurous stint. I thank existence for this wonderful experience and lessons to help me move forward as an entrepreneur.  Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic. Would love to hear from any of you. Write to if you have any questions.


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