Hasovan has successfully come out with the functional prototype of the laughing chair which is currently patent pending. The Laughing chair (Title of the invention) is an intelligent seating arrangement for relieving stress.

Laughing chair


An intelligent seating arrangement to release stress and relax with laughter. Indian Patent Application No.: 1350/CHE/2012 dated 03 April 2012

The objective of this invention is to provide an intelligent and scientifically designed chair to improve health and well-being of a person holistically through laughter. While having fun, the well-being is taken care of. This invention relates to a tickle and relaxation-inducing chair arrangement. The present invention relates to the field of seating arrangement. This chair arrangement helps in tapping into people’s sense of humor in stressful times. This makes a person more emotionally flexible and helps them to deal with situations when he/she is in the midst of difficulties and thereby help overcome depression. It acts as a coping tool and restores a person’s sense of balance and purpose during stressful times.

Laughing chairs can be used anywhere. It can be used in hospitals, corporate offices, malls, showrooms, airports, metro stations etc, It can be used by young and old alike. Suits any age group. It is for relaxation with rejuvenation.


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