We met in the most unusual circumstances in a journey of self-discovery in the himalayas. All of us were strangers there. Knowing one another amidst strangers was strange enough. As days passed we became acquaintances from strangers. It was rather a dull and boring day when he suggested we go out site-seeing.

      I jumped to it and we out and had a glorious time. In the shivering cold, we threw coins into the river and wished for loads of girl-friends and boy-friends to each other. We shopped stupidly, ate momos heartily and laughed crazily.


We slowly had a gang of our own and would spend time talking merrily, strolling in moon-light and watching the silvery hills. We also would have night talent shows and games chilling in the cold, however the warmth of friendship started glowing. During the brief meeting in breakfast and dinner, we would share our feelings, our purpose and would blow it up in gay banter.


I had the opportunity of sharing my tears of joy on one of my accomplishments. His presence was a soothing comfort and later we celebrated with everyone. Then came the day where we all had to part and carry on with our lives. We parted with joy, excitement, laughter and cherished moments. After I came back to my home-town, my friend would call up and we chatted merrily. He was based in Himalayas and hence could not call as the frequency is not available in interior regions.


Slowly, somewhere involved in work, he faded from my conscious memory. He would re-surface once in a while through calls and we would share our journey, our learning, our highs and lows. A beautiful friendship evolved over a period of time. The threads of our friendship became stronger. Over the months, I have noticed that his calls come when I least expect it and after the call I realise that I most needed it and that too with no expectations. It was then I realised how some friends are a blessing to us. Little did I realise that the playful bond of our friendship will become so strong.

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