Title: Joyful culture

Joyful culture

Relationships are directly proportional to the results at work-life. Explore the culture you have with yourself and the team.

Build interpersonal relationships with team and organization
Enhance team performance

Title: Enhance Emotional Maturity Joyfully

Emotional Maturity

Emotional maturity helps to take charge of challenges at work-life by understanding and managing the emotions. Explore current levels of anxietyB and techniques to build on the same.

Benefits :
Develop emotional calmness in distressing situations.
Adapt flexibility
Improve effectiveness

Title: Self Love

Self love

Explore and enrich yourself with the power of self-love. A self-awareness session which is an essential part for a successful life.

Develop acceptance and compassion
Lowers Stress and improves productivity

Title: Communicating Non-violently

Non violent communication

A means of communication to connect with each other and ourselves effectively with awareness.

Combat internal conflicts
Build empathy


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