Rejuvenation through Rejoicing

Our experience with various organisations indicate follow-up sessions to implement the values and truly bring a meaningful change. We do have option of hand-holding the organization/team for a period of 1-6 months as follow-up session.

The follow-up session is intended to help renew and enhance the emotional skills and build a happy culture. It is experiential, playful and transforming. In the exploratory session, we create chances with choices to know the self, lead the self and lead others. Understanding oneself helps in understanding others and this will strengthen the team bonding.

Pamper yourselves with playful insights to ‘mind the mind’ and develop the self through the process of self-leadership. We use awareness to understand our emotions, learn some simple techniques to manage and re-charge ourselves with laughter and fun filled activities.


The follow-up session will be for a duration of 90 minutes stretched over the desired period from 1-6 months. The engagement will be 2 – 3 days per week based on mutual consent and agreement.


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