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Indian Companies need to establish a culture of Employee Wellness.

Wellness, if it were to be represented by an equation of physics is a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit. The results of which are an overall state of well-being and a healthy lifestyle.
Working professionals in India, while tending to achieve work-life balance, are staring at an increasing number of lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases, non-communicable diseases and the more prevalent mental illnesses (depression and anxiety disorders) are steadily consuming the working population. A sedentary lifestyle and inadequacies in the work-life balance have led to complex and in some cases irrepressible illnesses.

Organisations on the other hand are trying to address such “illness” with generic practices, when they should actually be exploring opportunities for “wellness” of their employees. This is prevalent across industries, sectors and geographies of India. The dire consequences of such illness due to sedentary lifestyle is unfathomable. It is time, companies establish a culture of Employee Wellness and adopt programs/procedures to ascertain the same. Creating and implementing workplace wellness programs has now become indispensable for organisations to help employees maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. It will also help advance a culture of engagement and communication among employees.

For Employee Wellness campaigns to be effective, the HR Dept. must have an in-depth understanding of the employee needs and be equipped with the best practices of such Health and Wellness programs. Identifying the right kind of wellness programs remains the utmost priority of the HR staff. A well-researched wellness program has the potential to positively impact employee health in a number of ways, including making environmental and cultural changes. Partnering with Wellness Specialists and Therapists can help organisations to better evaluate wellness programs and address the need for emotional and physical well-being of its employees. Designing and delivering wellness workshops that help build a vibrant culture and enhance emotional maturity of teams can enhance their performance levels through the process of self-awareness and self-motivation.

Employee Wellness workshops that engage people to actively participate in fun games can help employees become happier, healthier and be more productive at work. It also helps in fostering healthier lifestyle behaviours. Such workshops are successful when a supportive and joyful environment help people to adopt a healthy way of living. End result is a camaraderie and productive workforce that performs at a higher level. The key to having a successful wellness program at work is to encourage overall well-being while still keeping it fun and indulging. Such “Employee Wellness” programs help organisations to attract top talent, retain existing talent and decrease employee churn.

Hasovan conducts preventive and productive experiential employee wellness workshops through “Lifestyle Management” sessions to bridge the gap between performance and inner happiness, address lifestyle diseases due to sedentary living, view stress as challenge, build resilience, unwind the mind, attain emotional maturity, lead the self and others mindfully to integrate a harmonious balance in work-life through the process of self-awareness and self-development.
The tools used are laughter as lifestyle medicine, active meditation and mindful awareness. The 3 core values are ‘Laugh at Yourself’, ‘Love Yourself’, ‘Live in the Moment’ to become healthy, natural, balanced and whole. Workshops are customized on need basis, duration and budget.
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