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Erupt with Joy

A journey of self-exploration

Two terms commonly used to describe me – Laughing Buddha or “Laughter Queen”. I was referred to as “the girl who was always smiling” from my VP – HR head at work. I was the epitome for “positive outlook towards life” according to my near and dear ones. I could not believe my ears when all my doctors diagnosed me and said “I was on borderline of depression”. I went out of my mind thinking about it. Is my happiness outward only? Why was it not reflected inwards? What was my true nature then? Where was I stuck? Which was my real self then?

I then embarked on an unknown journey of self-discovery to find the missing link. I delved deeper inwards. The tensions inflicted on my mind, unexpressed hurt and anger was wrecking me from within. My mental well-being had gone for a toss. That was the root cause of my inner depression. I had to find a way out to discard these suppressed blockages. Through mindful self-awareness methods, compassion and loving attitude towards myself, I was able to unburden myself of unwanted accumulations. The gap of outward and inward happiness started bridging. I was able to relate to my real-self more.

This book is all about knowing, connecting, accepting and delighting your inner being. Creating the climate of delight for joy to manifest is shared through this interactive experience of the book entitled “Erupt with Joy”.

Explore your real self through this book. This wakefulness helps us to attain the key to self-mastery in almost every area of our lives – health, explore your real self through this book. This wakefulness helps us to attain the key to self-mastery in almost every area of our lives – health, happiness and harmony.

erupt with joy book cover
First Step to Freedom

Towards being your own self

Co-authored by: Savitha Hosamane

The book opens up to their stories of struggle, how they faced adversity and finally how they became the HEROES of their trade. This book aims to drastically shorten the learning curve by bringing you the combined wisdom of these accomplished, astute and ambitious experts, who worked hard to create and grow their businesses, careers and life.

There’s a LOT one can learn from them, just by reading their life stories. Now, it’s YOUR turn.

Paperback also available here.

TURNING POINTS of uncommon people

Hosamane Savitha has been featured as one among the 14 TRUE stories of people who have taken a plunge, and made a difference to their own life, and to that of around them.

The stories in the book, feature individuals belonging to different age groups, backgrounds and geographical locations, and highlight their explorations related to finding the right equation for their individual needs in the realms of Career, Passion, Family and Well-being.

Do More Be More

Savitha Hosamane has been featured in the book “Do More Be More” Authored by Raam Anand as an Inspiration and Motivation From Modern Day Icons


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