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Are you welcoming lifestyle diseases to creep in?

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The number of cases related to lifestyle diseases has risen at an alarming rate, with the younger population more at risk. Recent studies indicated that unhealthy lifestyle is a global burden and accounts for about 63% of all deaths, where one out of four Indians may die of lifestyle disease before they are seventy.

Studies suggest that globally 14.2 million people between the ages of 30-69 years die prematurely each year from these diseases.  In India, around 30% to 40% of cardiovascular deaths happen among the age group of 34-64 years of age.

What are Lifestyle Diseases?

Lifestyle diseases are diseases that are a result of the way we lead our lives daily. More work and no play, makes a lot of us prone to a host of diseases, physical ailments, and emotional problems. These are the diseases that develop as a result of

  •         The type of work we do
  •         Environmental factors that affect our living conditions
  •         Work environments
  •         The food we eat
  •         Our exercise habits
  •         Stress


List of Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases account for a majority of the diseases that are common around the world today. Below is a list of some of the common lifestyle diseases.

  •         Obesity
  •         Diabetes
  •         Arteriosclerosis
  •         Heart disease
  •         Stroke
  •         Hypertension
  •         Liver cirrhosis
  •         Nephritis
  •         Cancer
  •         Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  •         Allergies
  •         Hearing problems
  •         Heat shock
  •         Cold shock
  •         Depression
  •         Anxiety disorders
  •         Alzheimer’s disease
  •         Chronic backache

Risk Factors

Since lifestyle diseases are diseases that are a result of the lifestyle choices that we make, contributing factors are closely related.

  •         Bad diet options
  •         Lack of adequate exercise
  •         Poor posture
  •         Disruption in biological clock
  •         Poor lifestyle choices
  •         Environmental conditions – occupational lifestyle diseases

We know it sounds very grim, but the good news is that, these can be prevented, controlled and in most cases even cured by making few modifications in your lifestyle. Watch out for our upcoming blogs to know how you can prevent and cut down the risk of acquiring any lifestyle disease. However, if you cannot wait to know, mail us at info@hasovan.com to gain insights from our  life-skill experts.

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