Are you “A Creative Expression”?

Creativity can be in any area of life – architecture, science, technology, writing, sketching, baking a cake, gardening, decorating a table, art, photography, poetry, painting etc. Creative expression is the language of the heart and spirit. When we give time to ourselves and listen to the voice of the heart creativity expresses itself. Creative expression can lead us to a deeper level of understanding and self-discovery.

Creativity means “loving whatever you are doing”

When you love your work, it is creative. If you don’t love it is a chore. Each one of us is born creative. We can be inventive in whatever job we are doing. Creativity is not limited to any particular field or work. Even in cleaning or cooking also, one can add the taste of creativity to it. When we start enjoying our work, the value of it becomes intrinsic. Every small thing becomes creative with the touch of love and delight. Creativity simply means you are in total relaxed state with yourself. Out of this relaxation, much action happens.

Being innovative

Find new ways and new means in areas which has not been experimented. Keep moving from one field to another. Nowadays we see lot of people jumping from one profession to another which they had never thought of earlier. The start-up culture is thriving all over the world. People are finding new ways of expressing themselves. It is found that great creativity happens through people who move from one discipline to another. Become a child again and you will be creative

Creativity – the fragrance of real health

People who are healthy are creative naturally. It is then the urge to create arises. Creative activities impact the body and mind just like meditation. Observing creativity decreases psychological stress. As body ages, mind too ages. We can take preventive steps to keep illnesses of old age at bay by being creative atwork and life. A creative person is spontaneous and responds to the moment. Only sick minds are destructive. Start being connected with yourself to develop “psychological resilience” and long term well-being in life. The way you lead your life becomes your creative expression.

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