Workshop #1 – Born Again

BornBorn Again is a simple and effective process that takes place for two hours a day, over seven days. This helps to regain the childhood. If you can be a child again you will start growing in a new way. For the first time, you will be really alive again.

This is a playful very powerful therapy devised by Osho in which we go deep inside and free-up conditioned and repressed energies and reconnect with our own inner child.

Once we regain the deep sense of innocence and happiness, it is possible to bring that playful quality into your everyday life and live with childlike vitality and joy.


Workshop #2 – Laugh@Life

Laugh@LifeThis is a three-week process that takes place for three hours per day. In the first week, participants dissolve blocks of conditioning that prevent their inner spontaneity and joy through their laughter. This helps to remove inhibitions of past, repressions and brings new spaces within.

In the second week, suppressed sadness which was destroying joy, grace and beauty are removed through tears This helps to clean oneself completely and unburden agony so that one becomes as innocent as a child.

The third week is of silent sitting, just watching, listening and being sensitive. This process is not for beginners and only for advanced level participants


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