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In 2012, Hasovan was born with a vision of lighting up the inner world with Joy. It perhaps is the only company dedicated entirely to enhance emotional wellness and mental wellbeing. Hasovan is totally research based and unearths the mindful wellbeing by incorporating the tools of laughter, active meditation and awareness to strengthen the inner being. Over the years, Hasovan has grown into a thought lab that has researched, innovated and is involved in building stress-busting applications and products that induce a positive and relaxed state of mind.

Mission: Our mission is to be joyfully fit, healthy and have positive cheerful relationships in work & life.

Services: Our experiential workshops are scientifically designed and researched upon to attain work-life harmony. We are in the business of “Lifestyle Management for Mindful well-being” from the 5 (+) years.
Our workshops are experiential in nature and designed to spread awareness about the importance of mindful well-being, by focusing on three main mantras which are the core values: ‘Laugh at yourself’, ‘Love yourself’, ‘Live moment to moment’.

Our USP:
Hasovan provides solutions to stress, sedentary lifestyle, anxieties, manage emotions and develop a lighthearted approach with the latest scientific evidence. As a result of which our personal power to respond to life’s events enhances. The tools used are

  • Laughter as Lifestyle medicine and harness the power of laughter energy
  • Active meditation for modern man which works on the principle that the body needs movement and mind needs relaxation to let go of inner tensions
  • Mindful awareness to stay in present moment
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