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7 Ways to Build Your Sense of Humor



Of all human qualities, a good sense of humor is undoubtedly the most attractive feature. Possessing a healthy sense of humor is not only attractive, but also a sign of intelligence and creativity. It is both a skill and an art. Having a laugh and making others laugh is sometimes just what the doctors prescribe.

Having a great sense of humor can come in handy in many life situations, it is in fact  an important life-skill. It not only enhances our inner well-being but also helps us to build strong relationships at home, at work and with society. Some suggestions to build your sense of humor are listed below.

1.Watch More Stand Up & Comedies

To increase your sense of humor watch more comedies, it is as simple as that. If you don’t know where to start, look for something along your taste or start with something popular. Watching stand up and following the jokes can have your rolling out of your seat in no time.

You won’t find everything funny, because everyone has a different taste. Take the time to experiment.

2.Try To See The Funny Side To Almost Everything

If you really want to develop your humor, then try to take something ordinary and make a joke out of it.  There is a hidden joke behind every little event and situation you come across.

If you get too stressed out about a situation, try to find the funny element in the situation which might amuse you to laugh. This causes the mood to flip and influences others around you to do the same.

3. Learn Some Very Simple Jokes

Get out and do some research! The internet is full of great resources for jokes, humor, puns, funny pictures, stand-up, etc. Try searching for stuff that you like and add funny, joke, or comedy to the end of your search. You will find millions of things to make your laugh.

4. Hang Out & Observe Other Funny People & Friends

Hanging out with other funny people will surely rub off on you. What better way to grow your sense of humor then surrounded yourself with funny people. Pay close attention and don’t be afraid to contribute. Every little laugh counts.



5.If Someone Doesn’t Laugh, Don’t Give Up

All comics will face criticism on a regular basis. The thing about jokes and your sense of humor you have to understand is that everyone won’t always get it. In fact there will probably be a moment where you finish a joke and hear crickets chirp.

6.Relax & Let Humor Come Naturally

If you want to be more funny let it flow. Humor will flow naturally if you let it. You can feel jokes coming up in your gut and then boom you express them. Being nervous and hesitant will kill a good sense of humor.

7.Stay Positive & Laugh More

This may be the single most important tip on the list. Who laughs at a joke from someone frowning? Not many. If you are letting off unhappy vibes nobody will laugh at your jokes. You won’t even think they’re funny.

Having a good sense of humor reduces stress, helps you cope with pain, creates empathy in social situations, and can even improve your odds of finding your partner. Leave a comment below or feel free to share this article. If you wish to know more how you can build a good sense of humor, contact our life-skill expert at info@hasovan.com.

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