5 Ways To Build Your Resilience

5 Ways to Build Your Resilience

5 Ways to Build Your Resilience

Has life ever given you a blow so hard that made you wonder- How will I survive this? Do your past bitter experiences make you walk on eggshells because you are afraid of getting hurt again? Has your self-esteem and confidence taken a beating because of a negative memory that refuses to go away? Worse still, do everyday uncertainties spoil your mood and put you off-balance for an entire day?

Resilience, or the ability to bounce back from trauma and trying situations, is what keeps the world going. At homes and schools, we try to prepare our children to face future uncertainties. At workplaces, managers who handle difficult situations and emerge successful from failures are lauded as stars. Looking around, we see that one’s success is often a function of resilience, among other factors.

The question is — can resilience be consciously built? There are arguments stating that resilience is an inherent quality that surfaces during challenging situations. Resilience can be studied, enhanced, and built upon; to help you find success despite your situations. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Stay confident

The famed American children’s book “The Little Engine That Could,” has lessons that inspire a resilient attitude to life. The signature phrase of the book, ‘I Think I Can,’ essentially sums up a good part of what it takes to stay strong despite looming challenges. Do not lose your confidence and do remind yourself that you have it in you to survive the difficult moments.

Strive to be happy


Make a conscious effort to indulge in activities that keep you happy. Life has its odds and you cannot escape them. However, you can deliberately build happy moments in your life. Surround yourself with happiness. Watch happy, inspiring movies and do the little things that keep you happy. As they say, do more of what you love.

Fall back on people who love you

This includes family, friends, and well-wishers. Anyone who surrounds you with positivity, and is willing to hear you without judging you, is your heaven on earth. Take time to spend time with such people.

Read motivational books

Motivational books give you a broader perspective of your situation and help you think beyond the moment. Though some of them may sound philosophical, you will come across ideologies that help you take a broader life-view; certainly helping you arrive at ways to deal with your anguish.

Focus on being physically fit


Although this may sound unrelated; physical fitness can help boost your overall resilience. Doing activities like exercising, hiking, biking, etc. can boost your well-being and help you bounce back. It can also offer you distractions from depressing thoughts that pull you down.

Meditate, connect with your inner self

Meditation unveils the tremendous power of your inner being and builds self-awareness. It helps you to live mindfully and tackle situations with calm. Meditation is a proven way to take control of yourself during difficult times.

Building resilience is not a one-time process; it involves many steps and is gradual. As we have discussed, it calls for a holistic approach. Set short-term goals and work at it one day at a time. If you are looking for external help to work on building your resilience or want to know more, attend our workshops. Contact us at joyworkshop@hasovan.com. If you have any thoughts to share, do comment below. We would love to hear from you.



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