True Joy (1)

Authentic Appreciation

true joy (1)

During my travel in US, whenever a driver was tipped he would always respond with “much appreciated” with a beaming smile irrespective of the size of the tip.

Few subject matter experts say “That’s a very interesting question you asked” whenever somebody asks them a question. That makes the person who asked the question listen with so much of intent.

“Appreciate the quick response” whenever a mail is responded on time.

“That’s interesting” is the expression used when revelations are made.

When we start observing our way of communication and our responses to the situations arising, we can guage our level of appreciation.  For example as soon as we wake up, Do we say ‘Thank God it is morning’ or ‘Oh My God, it is morning’. How we treat ourselves and others in the course of the day. Are we scolding ourselves or appreciating ourselves?

In the process, people who have lot of love and high self esteem for themselves are the ones who are genuine in showing the love and concern to others. It comes naturally as it is part of themselves.

It is observed that people who are irritated and angry with themselves are the ones who are snappy and take everything in the wrong sense.

So take a listen at what we are saying to ourselves and that will govern what we are saying to each other.

Be kind to yourself and make it a point to compliment yourself everyday even though the deed is small/big genuinely.

Let the inner self always glow in the light of appreciation. Everyone loves appreciation, so let’s begin with ourselves. Wah, what a warm smile……:)

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