"HASO" means to laugh in sanskrit and "VAN" means the grove. Hasovan as the name indicates is the laughing grove.



This little planet with a big smile....that’s our vision. We are on a mission to bring out the spring of laughter from the deepest core of the being.

About Hasovan

Hasovan is a start-up company, located in Bangalore (India) incorporated in the year 2012, founded by Ms. Hosamane J Savitha. Hasovan intends to create a climate of pure delight with playful insights to laugh at challenges in the adventure of life.

Wellness Programs

Hasovan has also carved niche experiential wellness workshops. Exploring Emotional Wisdom – A journey into the rainbow garden is a light hearted approach on coping with challenges of everyday life with the undercurrent of laughter and active meditations to enhance the emotional skills.


Hasovan is currently pursuing evolving products. The Laughing chair and the Laughter quotient app were among the first ones to roll out as functional prototypes and the forthcoming ones are in the stealth mode.


Laughing Chair

Hasovan is currently pursuing evolving products. The Laughing chair was among the first ones to roll out as functional prototypes and the forthcoming ones are in the stealth mode. Laughing chair is an intelligent and scientifically designed chair to improve health and well being of a person holistically though laughter. This adjustable chair stimulates the various laugh points in our body at regular intervals. Touch, hearing and sight – the chair in the final form plans to work with the three major senses to simulate laughter and relieve stress. Hasovan has successfully come out with the functional prototype of the laughing chair which is currently patent pending.
Laughter Quotient App

Laughter Quotient App

An Andriod app to determine the laughter quotient of a person. Laughter Quotient App is under development and gone through beta.


  • Reclaiming Inner Child

    Reclaiming Inner Child

  • Exploring  Emotional Wisdom

    Exploring Emotional Wisdom

  • The Art of Ecstacy

    The Art of Ecstacy

  • Explore, Experience, Express: Essential Theatre Workshop

    Explore, Experience, Express: Essential Theatre Workshop

  • Inner Alchemy

    Inner Alchemy



  • I am really impressed by your organisation. I am interested and would be glad to be a part of your firm. - Shashikala. S

  • It was a wonderful session, here we feel that all of us are unified and same. Our true self came out of this session. Thanks for it - Sudhansu Singh

  • Very beautiful session, enjoyed a lot . - Nayana G.V.B

  • I feel that session is very enjoyable. More sessions will be useful. It is very important to lead life ignoring tensions. - Nalla Laxmi narayana

  • The last session especially on dancing and music by closing the eyes and instantly after that meditation works well. - Deepak Kumar.

  • Session should be longer, more than 4-5 hours and add more of stress busting games. - Gayatri Sharma.

  • If we can have monthly once like this session, it improves us a lot. Very good trainer. - LL Vimal Joshi


Contact Details

For any Wellness programs or Workshops you can contact us by dropping us a message ...

  • Bangalore,India
  • info@hasovan.com


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Mumbai Tarun Bharat मुंबई तरुण भारत

July 20, 2015
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“Laughter requires intelligence – to laugh, you require a presence of mind,
a quickness of seeing into things. Humor needs utter presence.
It is not a question of analysis, it is a question…

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Vibha Women Empowerment For Entrepreneurship

March 13, 2015
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Hosamane J Savitha is an Instrumentation Engineer by qualification and a Laughter Engineer by choice, pursuing her passion of dressing up people with their SMILES to share health and longevity….

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Stop being serious and laugh with Hasovan!

December 12, 2014
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Hasovan in Sanskrit means ‘the laughing grove’. It organises wellness therapies for private groups, NGOs, corporates, and creates programmes for individuals. Writing about Hasovan is not an…

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